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How to Improve Your Keto Diet Results

Stalled Keto Diet Results?

If your keto diet results are stalled and you need to get them moving again don’t get too downhearted there are a number of reasons as to why this happens, and we are going to cover some of the most obvious but often overlooked ones in this article.

But before we start to look at potential solutions, you need to keep the reasons you started your keto diet firmly in the front of your mind, because that is what will keep you motivated to finding the answer to your stalled keto diet results.

Whether you took up keto to lose weight and get healthy or to try and mitigate your PCOS or diabetes those reasons are still valid and having a keto stall is just a hiccup we need to get past.

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1. Keto Facts vs Fantasy

Its not unusual when a new diet or weight loss program becomes popular and is frequently featured in media or news reports that the actual interpretation of how to follow that diet gets misinterpreted or incorrectly applied.

If you follow a ketogenic lifestyle you have probably read or experienced some of the views we are going to examine.

On keto you can eat all kinds of fat without any bad effects.”

avocadoCommonsense says if you only ate trans fats, then it’s pretty obvious that you wouldn’t be eating a healthy or safe diet. Whilst the keto is well known as a high fat low carb diet there is no getting away from the fact that certain fats will cause a lot of problems if you over indulge.

Omega 3 fatty acids that you find in fish and some plants are by far the best fats for your body. They are particularly renowned for being able to reduce inflammation which in turn reduces quality of life if not dealt with.

The rule of thumb is that you should only eat as much fat as you need to reach satiety, however this does not mean eating nothing but bacon, steak or butter each day. You need to include healthy fats like avocados, coconut oil, virgin olive oil and nuts in your daily intake.

I only need to eat meat, eggs, and cheese.”

It’s important to know that you do need some protein in moderate amounts, a diet that is solely protein is not good for you and your digestive system certainly won’t thank you and it certainly wont help your quest for good keto diet results.

Please Note – There are different versions of the Keto diet and one is called Keto Carnivore, which is based on the consumption of animal products. This is not the normal or more traditionally recognized form of the ketogenic diet.

I am not saying it’s not as effective for helping with fat loss, just that it is not as balanced as the more traditional keto diet, so you need to be aware of that.

Ketogenic diets aren’t sustainable, and you will gain the weight back. 

This belief stems from a fairly uninformed opinion which believes that keto diets don’t have sufficient nutrition, and that by continuing to follow one you could end up being deficient in essential vitamins or minerals.

However, the reality is that followed correctly a structured keto diet is formulated to provide all of the nutrients a person needs to function more efficiently.

Ketogenic diets are a beneficial lifestyle choice that will assist you in avoiding foods containing a range of toxins, preservatives, or bad fats that frequently contribute to ailments such as inflammation, poor digestion, tiredness and irritability which are just a few health issues that spring to mind.

Keto diets make you more susceptible to CAD

The belief that a keto diet makes you more vulnerable to coronary artery disease is just not true in fact the opposite is true, read what Harvard University has to say . Primarily because coronary artery disease is mainly caused by inflammation.

When you avoiding the banned foods on keto diet, you’re more likely to be able to reduce inflammation rather than encourage it.

Which is really good for your entire circulatory system and having a healthy blood pressure reading doesn’t go amiss either.

salmon2. Insufficient Protein

It’s not unusual to get confused as to what constitutes sufficient protein. It’s important to remember that whilst this is a low carb high fat diet, to stay healthy and keep your system functioning properly you must still satisfy and fulfill your protein goals if you want to see good keto diet results.

When your protein gets too low, you will run the risk of hair loss, or muscle loss, and will probably feel depleted when it comes down to energy. Make sure you calculate your macros to stay in ketosis and ensure that you don’t overlook your daily protein requirements.

3. Not Enough Electrolytes

 A frequent mistake that many people make on a keto diet is not having enough electrolytes. You need to be aware that whilst Keto is a great diet for losing weight and burning fat, it also has a diuretic effect.  As a result of this you will lose a lot of electrolytes, so its important to drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Read more here about why electrolytes are important.

You will need to replace the electrolytes that you are losing. The main ones to focus on are sodium, magnesium, and potassium. Sodium is one of the easiest to replace by simply increasing your table salt. However, I found that bone broth did the job really well for me, plus it was nourishing and tasty into the bargain.

For the magnesium, you can take a magnesium supplement as well as natural food sources. Potassium is sometimes the most difficult to replace, but try eating foods like fish and avocado, or you can make your own electrolyte drink with water and salt.

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4. Don’t Go Overboard with Restrictions

When following a keto diet, it is imperative that you eat sufficient fats. The reason is that each of these fats have a specific role in your body and also assist in the process of digestion.

Some fats help with inflammation, or nutritional absorption, plus a number of other processes. Fats are also be broken by the body or specific actions.

If you have been following the keto diet whether for a while or even a few days and you are finding that you don’t feel satiated, you may need to revisit just how much fat you are eating and its more than likely – not enough.  We are not suggesting you go crazy and over indulge but you do need to eat enough to feel full.

woman with tape measure5. Don’t Just Rely on Your Scales

Its human nature that we want to see some keto diet results in return for our efforts – so what do we do – we keep hopping on the scales. Now whilst that is not a bad thing it can also be discouraging if you do it too often and its shouldn’t be your sole method for judging your progress.

The reality is that no matter how much you know weight losses aren’t going to show overnight every night if you don’t see results it can take the joy out of your journey. You start to feel stressed and depressed and neither of those is a good thing. In fact getting stressed can even slow your progress down.

Instead use other methods of judging like measuring yourself. I had a period where I had a weight loss stall some months back, and yet I still lost inches overall which helped keep me motivated.

You can also tell by how your clothes fit as to whether your body is changing shape and one of the most obvious ones is by how you actually feel. Because if you are feeling good well something has to be working right?

6. Don’t Eat the Wrong Fats

It’s very easy to get confused about which fats are good and which are bad, so it is worth taking a bit of time to learn the difference, so you don’t make the mistake of eating the wrong types of fat.

You should be eating just healthy fats. Just a quick tip is that the bad fats are usually packaged in plastic containers so before buying you might want to check the ingredients.

Eating bad fats can derail your keto diet results in the blink of an eye.

 7. Consistency is The Key

Consistency is really the key when following a keto diet, for numerous reasons. For example, it can take several days to achieve ketosis, but full fat adaption can take up to 6 weeks.

If you don’t maintain ketosis continually, you are always going to be chasing that full fat burning goal. The following tips should help keep you on track with your keto diet results.

  • Become accountable. Maybe join up with some friends to help you stay on track or become part of a group with similar goals.
  • Prepare meals that you can take to work or school, or even keto friendly snacks that can hold you over until it’s meal time at home.
  • Cooking meals in advance ensures you aren’t caught and always have something available to eat, which helps you avoid cheating.
  • Make sure you stay hydrated, failure to do this causes your system to have to work harder than it is intended to. Being properly hydrated helps your body to get rid of surplus waste, always better out than in.
  • An occasional fast can work wonders. Intermittent fasting is a great way to help your body reset itself. Plus, fasting can often give you that kick start to get going again when you have hit a keto plateau. But like everything else it needs to be done in moderation, starving your self ifs not beneficial either.
  • Check with restaurants before dining so that you know what low carb options, they have available.
  • Learn as much as you can about the ketogenic diet there is an old saying about you can never have too much knowledge, and it certainly helps when you are trying your very best to get fit and healthy to know all the best routes to follow. The more you know, the more choices of meals are available to you
  • Keep your cupboards, pantry and fridge free of non-allowed keto foods. This way you can avoid eating forbidden foods, and it takes the pressure off when you might be tempted to stray. If you are worried about when you have visitors you don’t have anything for them, don’t be. I have found my visitors love being treated to delicious fat bombs or keto friendly cinnamon scrolls and fathead pizza goes down a treat. There is certainly no need to feel deprived on keto.
  • Try to cook and eat whole foods when possible. Many prepackages foods are full of sugar and preservatives.
  • Weigh or measure your food when preparing meals. Guesstimates are inevitably wrong, and you are inclined to err on the side of too much which will not help your keto diet results much.

8. Last but Not Least

Don’t compare yourself to others and their progress. We are all different and will have different rates of progress and results.

Once you learn to accept yourself, you can move forward and onward in improving your keto diet results and successes and learn to love your appearance.

Whilst some of these suggestions might seem obvious and simple you might be surprised as to how often they get overlooked or ignored. So before moving on to our more advanced methods here for overcoming a weight stall you should ensure you have the simple things in place first.



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