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When I first embarked on my ketogenic diet journey it was a a bit nerve wracking due to the volumes of articles & books I had waded through, worrying whether I had missed anything critical but still having that sense of excitement at finally getting started on my keto diet plan. But what I found  was though I had a ton of material to hand I felt a bit isolated and wanted to be able to ask questions from a “real person” and talk to others going through the same process, so back to the computer and a bit more searching and this was how I came upon Aaron Day from Fat For Weight Loss.

Fat For Weight Loss


Keto Diet Plan

Seriously, stumbling across Aaron’s website Fat For Weight Loss and investing in his keto diet plan and becoming a member of his private Facebook group was one of the best moves I made plus Aaron is the author of several Keto cookbooks. I’ll put the links to those a bit further down this article, because they are so well worth checking out. But the biggest appeal for me was that, he offered a very reasonably priced keto diet plan to follow that detailed exactly what you would be eating for the upcoming week, plus exact shopping lists (so no wastage there) and macro counts of all meals included.

A new plan was emailed out for 4 consecutive weeks, and for me the added benefit was that Aaron was a trained sports nutritionist based in Brisbane (my home town).  As a member of Aarons group I also received  support via a private Facebook group and was able to access Aaron’s regular podcasts and live videos. Being able to communicate with the group and share our trials and tribulations along with successes was a major help in keeping motivated and staying on track.

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Ketogenic Cooks Books

fat for weight lossAaron also has an extensive range of free recipes on his website at FatForWeightLoss along with some excellent Keto Cookbooks you can download for a nominal price.

Fast forward six months and I can tell you joining Aaron’s programme was one of the best things I did for my Ketogenic lifestyle, I am now down 16 Kgs (35 pounds), maybe not a lot in terms of weight loss but the inches have magically shrunk from – well from just about all over – but the biggest and best loss is from around those hard to move areas in the middle, that is waist and stomach ….. so now when I do a little jig of delight I no longer jiggle all over.

Surprising Results

But for me it hasn’t been all about weight loss, for the twelve months previously I had been having B12 injections to try and overcome extreme fatigue and dizzy, light headed problems, which though I accept at 70 maybe I would be slowing down a bit but not to the degree I was experiencing. Anyway, in spite of all that I wasn’t seeing a big difference from the injections. The other annoying but probably to be expected issue was the onset of arthritis in some of my fingers, very frustrating when you are learning to play an instrument.

Stay Tuned

So, you can imagine my delight when after six months of following a Ketogenic lifestyle my blood tests show I have no further need of B12 injections and the osteo-arthritis has completely disappeared from my fingers. I am also seeing some other benefits but will have to wait a bit longer before I can pinpoint down whether it is the Ketosis lifestyle that is responsible or the increase in Coconut oil/butter/cream that I am now imbibing in one way or another.

Just to give you a hint though I am seeing my hair turn darker, which considering I have been grey for years is remarkable in itself – who would have guessed a natural balayage.  I am also seeing improvements in skin and digestions, so stay tuned for further analysis. But one thing is for sure I won’t be giving up my keto diet plan anytime soon.



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