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Find Out Why Keto Program Rocks is Sexy?

Well maybe Keto is not really sexy but it got your attention didn’t it? So, get prepared to be enlightened about Keto and entertained along the way. Welcome to Keto Program Rocks, this website was created to share my weight loss success on the ketogenic diet with you and explain how embracing a ketogenic lifestyle has had a massive impact on my life. Especially in terms of health, and energy just for starters. I will be going into more detail in various articles in the site so please make sure to keep reading..

I am hoping that by sharing my journey you will be able to decide as to whether this way of eating is right for you, especially if you are sitting on the fence and aren’t sure. Hopefully I can provide you with enough information to help in managing your own weight loss and improved health. My intention is to save you some of the many hours of research time I spent discovering all there was to know and a lot of what I really didn’t need to know about keto.

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Just Your Average Keto Gal

However, I feel a need to add a disclaimer at this point advising that I am not a medically trained professional or nutritionist what you are getting here is just the benefit of my own experience with the ketogenic diet.

Keto has been a steep learning curve for me, but the outcome of losing weight and finally being fit and healthy has made the journey so worthwhile.

In fact, so much so I wanted to share my experiences with you and hopefully answer your questions where I can and hopefully make navigating your path a bit easier.

You’ll discover what to cook, what you can eat, and how easy it is to lose the weight you want, get more energy.  Another big bonus is that you will feel better than you ever have before. You also need to know that exercise though beneficial isn’t essential when you are first starting. Click the link if you’d like to read what Womens Health Magazine have to say about keto.

Are you ready to change your life by following these simple principles?

So who is Rosemary?

Before continuing I should probably introduce myself. My name is Rosemary, and I’ve tried just about every diet I’ve come across over the years in a mission to try and lower my weight. Considering that I have seven decades under my belt that’s a lot of years dieting. The good news is I don’t have to do that anymore.

By purest chance I came across the ketogenic diet at the end of last year and since then, I’ve been able to lose weight and inches, gain energy, and get healthy. It’s the first time I’ve had a waist line in years and I am loving every minute of it.

Even though in my seventies, age is no barrier to what you can achieve on a keto diet and the health rewards are just endless.

One of my biggest obstacles in the past has been that I just don’t like cooking. Thee kitchen is not my favourite place in fact years ago my children voted “cheese on toast” as being my only specialty meal. However, that has all changed now and I am astounding friends and family with my new-found passion for cooking and prepping for meals. If you want to find out a bit more about my quirks and perks click here to go to my about page.

I will be sharing some of my favourite discoveries with you, just so you can see how easy it is to tempt and tantalise your taste buds on this keto journey. It flies in the face of everything we ever learnt about dieting in the past.

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What is Keto Program Rocks?

Keto Program Rocks is my blog intended for those people that are interested in learning about and living a Ketogenic lifestyle. Keto Program Rocks is where I attempt to enlighten, entertain and help my readers with my articles, recipes, and recounting some of my own experiences.

Please feel free to look around, take your time and learn about the ketogenic diet, what it actually is and what is required. Hopefully you will feel inspired to experiment with meals and recipes in your kitchen leading to a successful weight loss outcome for you too.

If you want to know more about this website and maybe a bit more about me, go to my “About Me” page.

woman promoting keto programWhat is a Ketogenic Lifestyle?

The Ketogenic Diet, or keto diet as its often referred to, is a diet that’s been around for over a century, it’s not some new fad, you can check that with Wikipedia here. Simplistically it’s a low carb diet, that forces your body to use fat for its primary fuel source, this is also known as being in ketosis. You can read more about ketosis and what that actually means here.

Medically, it has been used to treat numerous diseases and ailments such as but not limited to, Type 2 diabetes, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, neurological disease, and even cancer. Scientifically speaking the ketogenic lifestyle, has been around for millions of years and was how we ate to evolve as a species, becoming the people we are today.

To read more about the ketogenic diet click here


Where to Start?

There is a lot to take in but if you take it slowly it will all begin to make sense and you will be able to progress through each stage whilst understanding exactly what is taking place. If you have no idea where to begin, this is the perfect place to start. Just take the time to understand what is going on when you’re in ketosis. You will learn what to eat, how to eat, and what to cook to help you meet your health and weight loss goals. I suggest you start by learning exactly what a ketogenic diet is you can either click on the underlined link or one of the many articles and recipes you will find in here.



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